Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not a drop to drink...

"Gasoline everywhere, but not a drop to drink"

I'll be honest. When I embarked on this "mode" of transportation, I never in my wildest nightmares imagined that I would be so right, and that the cost of fuel would skyrocket to nearly $4/gallon and in such a short time. I'm not saying "nyah nyah" or "I told you so". I feel for people who can't afford to drive to work or to the doctor. I'm watching the American middle class disintegrate into people who drive their SUV's to the food bank. Truly bizarre.

That said, we have proven on world-wide news, that we are stupid people. Otherwise intelligent, educated people snared in crooked mortgages they can't afford, driving vehicles that they can no longer afford to operate, to jobs that are too far away. No savings, no Plan "B". Just indignation that someone didn't protect them from themselves. My friends and neighbors just shake their head at me in wonder now. One co-worker commented, "You really saw this coming didn't you?" I was honest and told him that I didn't. Worse, we have the nerve to send the President to Saudi Arabia to ask for a "fix" like a meth addict.

Ok, enough soap-box. I have mounted my ammeter shunt instead of letting it flop around in the motor compartment. All new batteries are installed, and I've been VERY gentle while I'm in the break-in period. No more than occasional 10 second bursts of 120 amps, normal acceleration of 100 amps, and cruising at 80 amps. I still make speed, but it takes longer to get there.

I still love the car. I enjoy driving it. It barely impacts my electric bill. I'll be taking it to the Virginia "Bug Out" to show in the "special interest" category.